Language-Operational-Gestalt Awareness

Language-Operational-Gestalt Awareness

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Each of us is hopelessly trapped inside of a particular language matrix, until we become consciously aware of how this inexorable process relentlessly operates. This book presents an unified conception of what language is universally, for all sentient beings, in all of its forms and aspects; and how language phenomena operate, through unconsciously projected four-dimensional (time-space) gestalts, in specific situations in the real world, to produce meaningful perceptual closures and useful results. This book operationally identifies the universal qfundamental particlesq (NOT phonemes, nor letters of the alphabet, etc.) of any language; and how these fundamental phenomenal qparticlesq combine, by the activity of unconsciously projected, four-dimensional, perceptual gestalts, to form the more complex language qatomsq (NOT necessarily, qwordsq, etc.), and qmoleculesq (NOT necessarily, sentences, etc.), which interconnect further with the other culturally qmandatedq physical artifacts imbedded in the specific situation, and operate physically, to produce the culturally prescribed, qmeaningsq, and useful objects of intention, of the individuals of whatever species, which are intercommunicating, and inter-operating in the situation. Examples of many kinds are presented, often in terms of concerns, activities, and operations relating to libraries. This book is multidisciplinary in scope.Eugene E. Graziano ... Well suppose some person with little money, who is fixing his a€œHonda 90a€ motorcycle reaches a point in the process where he can use an instructional repair-book in order to assure that he will not further damage it inanbsp;...

Title:Language-Operational-Gestalt Awareness
Author:Eugene E. Graziano
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-09-01


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