Laboratory Manual for Anatomy & Physiology

Laboratory Manual for Anatomy & Physiology

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KEY BENEFIT: Laboratory Manual for Anatomy a Physiology, Main Version, Third Edition features full-color illustrations and step-by-step instructions designed to help readers visualize structures, understand three-dimensional relationships, and comprehend complex physiological processes. KEY TOPICS: Laboratory Safety, Introduction to the Human Body, Body Cavities and Membranes, Use of the Microscope, Anatomy of the Cell and Cell Division, Movement Across Cell Membranes, Epithelial Tissue, Connective Tissues, Muscle Tissue, Neural Tissue, The Integumentary System, Body Membranes, Skeletal System Overview, The Axial Skeleton, The Appendicular Skeleton, Articulations, Organization of Skeletal Muscles, Muscles of the Head and Neck, Muscles of the Chest, Abdomen, Spine, and Pelvis, Muscles of the Shoulder, Arm, and Hand, Muscles of the Pelvis, Leg, and Foot, Muscle Physiology, Organization of the Nervous System, The Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves, and Reflexes, Anatomy of the Brain, Autonomic Nervous System, General Senses, Special Senses: Olfaction and Gustation, Anatomy of the Eye, Physiology of the Eye, Anatomy of the Ear, Physiology of the Ear, The Endocrine System, Blood, Anatomy of the Heart, Anatomy of the Systemic Circulation, Cardiovascular Physiology, Lymphatic System, Anatomy of the Respiratory System, Physiology of the Respiratory System, Anatomy of the Digestive System, Digestive Physiology, Anatomy of the Urinary System, Physiology of the Urinary System, Anatomy of the Reproductive System, Development For all readers interested in anatomy a physiology of the body.3 Depth of Field Observation 40 4 Relationship Between Magnification and Field Diameter 41 Laboratory Report Use of ... and Transitional Epithelia 79 3 Stratified Epithelia 83 Laboratory Report Epithelial Tissue 87 EXERCISE 8 Connectiveanbsp;...

Title:Laboratory Manual for Anatomy & Physiology
Author:Michael G. Wood
Publisher:Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company - 2005-01


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