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By the thirty-fi rst century the nations of Earth had united and sent kolonies throughout the Sol System, as well as to six other star systems in the Milky Way. Candidate planets to kolonize were beginning to become more and more diffi cult to fi nd, but the Head of Kolonization had a bold plan to send a kolonie to another galaxy; a galaxy nearly twenty-five thousand light years from the planet Earth. Durability on the order of twenty-seven thousand years dictated a totally reengineered ship and an android crew capable of being mothers, and fathers to the frozen embryos to be born on a a€˜New Eartha€ in a far distant galaxy. Barely fifteen thousand years into the mission disaster strikes the Aurora, and although the ship survives it has somehow been thrown into a location in intergalactic space only one hundred light years from an unknown galaxy. The crew, awakened from their sleep mode, has no idea of where they are or how they got there; but they soon discover that the kolonists have all perished in the disaster. This now becomes the story of how they work toward establishing their own a€˜culturea€™, and toward accomplishing their mission to establish a a€˜New Eartha€™ kolonie.Robotic units could have also been given the capability to repair the androids; however, either out of some out-dated phobia, or infinite wisdom, the Federation Congress had put severe strictures on android repair, and had absolutelyanbsp;...

Author:Roger Bullard
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-05-01


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