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So you think you understand the world you live in? Don't bet your life on it. This world is not safe. This world is not sane. This world is a ticking time bomb, and the lives of billions hang in the balance. Knightlight, an organization founded in 1947, is a government-sanctioned agency that deals with non-military threats. They deal with madmen and monsters. They are at war, and have been for nearly seventy years. But the enemy is ancient and has an agenda of its own. The enemy has had all the time in the world to prepare. The first phase of the plan-destroy Knightlight, and any resistance, removing them all from the field of battle. There are terrible things soon coming upon the Earth ... terrible things. We live in a short slice of time referred to as the qPrelude to the Dark Messiah.q Knightlight knows it can't protect mankind from the future, but until the end comes, they will hold the line. Forget what you believe you know about the Bigfoot phenomenon. Ignore what you think you understand about aliens. Unlearn what you've been taught about ghosts, vampires, and werewolves. None of the above exist, but what does exist will gladly drag you to the pit of hell and devour you on the way.The teama#39;s mobile base was a heavily modified and converted Army M978 A2 Oshkosh tanker truck, with eight big wheels, ... a€œAll in all, with the help of electroluminescence, you will be virtually invisible in the day, but you still have the manualanbsp;...

Author:M. D. Rossi
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2013-04


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