Kindergarten Digital Textbook Package

Kindergarten Digital Textbook Package

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The Kindergarten Digital Textbook Package provides both the Student and Teacher's Edition of Kindergarten Language Arts, Kindergarten Math, Kindergarten Science and Kindergarten Social Studies for the student and the teacher. Perfect for the Classroom Teacher or for Homeschooling the Kindergarten child. The Ultimate Digital Differentiation Resource and Kindergarten Homeschool Package. All Aboard for Kindergarten Language Arts: All Aboard for Kindergarten Language Arts presents the basics and fundamentals of Language Arts and provides the foundation for studentsa€™ successful acquisition of the core Language Arts skills necessary to excel in all future courses and subjects. Structured and balanced, these Lessons are committed to developing the studenta€™s reading, handwriting, creative writing, spelling, vocabulary, and communication skills. Consistent with Complete Curriculuma€™s All Aboard! for Language Arts series, each core Language Arts element in these Lessons is presented, practiced, applied, reviewed and assessed. There are 180 Lessons in this E-Textbook. All Aboard for Kindergarten Math: All Aboard for Kindergarten Math - Student Edition: 558 pages. All Aboard for Kindergarten Math introduces students to the basics and fundamentals of Math. Taking a very progressive approach, this E-text is specific, yet streamlined, for ease and accessibility to both the student and teacher. All Aboard for Kindergarten Science: All Aboard for Kindergarten Science introduces students to the basics and fundamentals of Science. Presenting key concepts; primary science content expectations; enhancing the inquiry process, inquiry analysis, communication and reflection, student develop a strong foundation in the understanding of science. Students explore observing with their senses, all about motion, what living things need, and exploring my earth. There are 130 Lessons within this text. All Aboard for Kindergarten Social Studies: All Aboard For Kindergarten Social Studies Student Manual: All Aboard for Kindergarten Social Studies creatively engages the students in history, geography, introduction to civics and government concepts and economics. There are 90 Lessons in this E-Textbook.... S. Start with the capital S. Tell the student that capital S is a tall letter that goes from the top solid line to the bottom solid line (this is called solid to solid). ... UHVXOW TEACHER MANUAL KINDERGARTEN LANGUAGE ARTS a€” LESSON 27-2.

Title:Kindergarten Digital Textbook Package
Author:Susan Lattea, Kelly Wells, Stacy Arnold
Publisher:Complete Curriculum - 2015-07-29


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