Kill Code

Kill Code

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A terrorist threat buried in a software program is about to unleash a squad of highly trained assassins on the unsuspecting public. Retired sniper-assassin Leo Marston and computer hacker Jackie Winn team up to thwart the attack. But will it be too late?q When Malware becomes Murderous! A Former Assassin Leo Marston is done with long-distance murder and he'll do anything to keep it in his past even if he has to make one final kill shot. A Dead Man: Nathan White seeks revenge from the gravea€”or so it seems when the computer program he wrote prior to his death begins a systemic killing of prominent government officials whom White has deemed enemies of the state. A Woman in Trouble: Jackie Winna€”White's co-worker and former lovera€”unknowingly activates the Kill Code program...and then becomes a target herself. A Fight to the Death: Leo and Jackie form an uneasy alliance in a dangerous attempt to disable the Kill Code program and stop the Black Handa€”a group of cunning, professional assassins following the program's directivesa€”from murdering the government officials as dictated by White's crazed plan. The very fabric of society as we know it hangs in the balance as Leo and Jackie discover what they are made of and risk their lives to defeat the the seemingly undefeatable... KILL CODEindustry standard connector that was cheap, easy to find and wired up in a way that anyone could access. Ironically, reprogramming ... First the locks would seal the car, and then a short circuit would start the car on fire. Getting a car to do this anbsp;...

Title:Kill Code
Author:Joseph Francis Collins
Publisher:Joseph Francis Collins - 2011-11-11


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