Kickstands Up at High Noon

Kickstands Up at High Noon

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This book is called Kickstands up at High Noon. This is an educational motorcycle book for anyone interested in the motorcycle experience. It contains information regarding motorcycle riding. It also contains information about acquiring a motorcycle license. There is much information about proper riding gear, tips and techniques. Also included are chapters in helping a new rider choose the right motorcycle for that person. There are chapters about setting a motorcycle up to fit a rider's needs. A description of each motorcycle part and their function will give a rider an idea of how a motorcycle works. Many dangerous situations are discussed, that may help a rider to prevent or avoid an accident. Real experiences that happen every day and techniques in avoiding them will be talked about. Riding situations, and helping beginners with difficult functions of the motorcycle. Every aspect of the motorcycle experience is available in this book. Originally from Detroit Michigan, Gary Dixon now calls Clearwater Florida his home. Gary lived the biggest part of his life in the city of Detroit, which is often called qThe Motor City.q He was born in the heart of the baby boom era in the late nineteen fifties. Surrounded by motor vehicles his whole life gave him no choice but to become a master mechanic, and also the knowledge to write this book. He has been riding motorcycles, and performing work on them the biggest part of his life. He hopes young riders will read this book, and absorb as much information as possible so his knowledge can be passed on.If your bike has a spoke wheel, you would have to determine the size of the tire. The size is located on the ... If your bike is equipped with a tubeless tire, the only other gear you would need is a tubeless tire repair kit. This is sometimes called a anbsp;...

Title:Kickstands Up at High Noon
Author:Gary Dixon
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2009-08


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