Kernel Projects for Linux

Kernel Projects for Linux

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With Kernel Projects for Linux, Professor Gary Nutt provides a series of 12 lab exercises that illustrate how to implement core operating system concepts in the increasingly popular Linux environment. The makeup of the manual allows readers to learn concepts on a modern operating systema€”Linuxa€”while at the same time viewing the source code. This hands-on manual complements any core OS book by demonstrating how theoretical concepts are realized in Linux.Part I presents an overview of the Linux design, offering some insight into such topics as runtime organization and process, file, and device management. Part II consists of a graduated set of exercises where readers move from inspecting various aspects of the operating systems's internals to developing their own functions and data structures for the Linux kernel.This book is designed for programmers who need to learn the fundamentals of operating systems on a modern OS. The progressively harder exercises allow them to learn concepts in a hands-on setting.CD-ROM contains: Linux Mandrake OS 7.0 Complete, kernel version 2.2.14 (compatible with Red Hat Linux) -- Installation tools.

Title:Kernel Projects for Linux
Author:Gary J. Nutt
Publisher:Addison-Wesley - 2001


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