Kamikaze Biker

Kamikaze Biker

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In this firsthand account of high-risk car and motorcycle racing in Japan, Ikuya Sato shows how affluence and consumerism have spawned various experimental and deviant life-styles among youth. Kamikaze Biker offers an intriguing look at a form of delinquency in a country traditionally thought to be devoid of social problems. qIkuya Sato's Kamikaze Biker is an exceptionally fine ethnographic analysis of a recurrent form of Japanese collective youth deviance. . . . Sato has contributed a work of value to a wide range of scholarly audiences.qa€”Jack Katz, Contemporary Sociology qA must for anyone interested in Japan, juvenile delinquency and/or youth behavior in general, or the impact of affluence on society.qa€”Choice qThe volume provides a sophisticated . . . discussion of changes happening in Japanese society in the early 1980s. As such, it serves as a window on the 1990s and beyond.qa€”Ross Mouer, Asian Studies Review qKamikaze Biker is a superlative study, one that might help liberate American social science from the simplistic notion that behavior not directly contributing to economic productivity should be summarily dismissed as 'dangerous' and 'deviant.' qa€”Los Angeles Times Book ReviewNissan Cedric. Bosozoku usually have nicknames for automobiles, such as Suka G (Nissan Skyline GT), Gokiburi ... The use of wide tires in conjunction with shakotan creates the appearance of a race car. ... the dashboard and the rear- seat shelf as well as the floor, and expensive car stereos illuminated in primary colors.

Title:Kamikaze Biker
Author:Ikuya Sato
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 1998-06-20


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