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Kabbalah is the esoteric tradition within Judaism of things divine. It is a complete symbolic system expressing the archetypal structure of the cosmos, of society and of the individual psyche. Traditionally, only those who were mature, trained or wise were permitted to study this hidden, inner aspect of the Torah. Using the basic structure of the Tree of Life, with its fruit, the ten Sefirot or spheres of consciousness, Kabbalah reveals the patterns and correspondences of Creation, and the practices by which the initiate can ascend through the realms to unite with the Absolute, and so serve the divine plan. Although ancient in origin, Kabbalah is alive and continuing to develop. The vast body of knowledge accumulated over the centuries has undergone many changes, adapting to different places and periods, and yet the study of psychology and the path of spirituality have always remained the core of this Hokhmah Nestorah or qHidden Wisdomq. Today in workshops and retreats the timeless wisdom of Kabbalah can be explored anew to provide meaning, growth and spiritual renewal.Kabbalah is the esoteric tradition within Judaism of things divine.

Author:Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi
Publisher:Harpercollins - 1996


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