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Walking the Worlda€™s Runways A New Vision for Korean Beauty Fashion: Another Korean Wave? K-Fashion: Beyond Asia The DNA of Korean Fashion King Gojong's Silk Hat and the Gipson Girl (1894a€“1920) The New Woman and the Spread of Western Styles (The 1920sa€“1930s) Monpe and the Macao Man (The 1940s) Korea's First Fashion Show and Fashion Designers (The 1950s) Miniskirts: The Times They Are A-Changin' (The 1960s) Youth and the Sociology of Denim (The 1970s) Young Fashion and a Changing City (The 1980s) Le K-Chic (The 1990s) The Korean Wave and a New Course for Fashion (The 2000s to Today) The Stories of Ten Designers Lie Sang Bong: A New Take on Traditional Korean Beauty Lee Young Hee: Bringing the 'Clothes of the Wind' to the World Son Jung Wan: Eternal Song of Femininity Woo Youngmi: Captivating the European 'Homme' Moon Young Hee: Navigating between Two Worlds Lee Jean Youn: Traditional Tailor in a Modern Body Doo-Ri Chung: Elegance Fit for a First Lady Kim Hye-soon: A Million and One Variations on the Hanbok Lee Kyumbie: The Next Louboutin? Zo Myounghee: Looking for the 'It Bag' A Walk Down Style Street Myeong-dong: Fast Fashion Battleground Dongdaemun: Linking History and Culture Itaewon: A Toast to Cosmopolitanism Cheongdam-dong: Brand-Name Stores and Designer Boutiques Hongdae: Vive la Subculture Garosu-gil: Where to Sample the Color of Trends Buam-dong: A Ray of Handmade SunshinThese were uncharted peaks for womena#39;s clothing. Fashion. Meets. Lifestyle. A new fashion concept arrived in the 1980s: lifestyle. ... A bit of shift happened in the second half of the a#39;80s, when people began looking back to the a€œbody consciousa€ line: retro a#39;50s styles reemerged on the scene, with their ... Youth subcultures and defiance found expression in the new cultural codes of rap and hip hop.

Author:Korean Culture and Information Service Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Publisher:길잡이미디어 - 2012-06-23


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