Just Three Words

Just Three Words

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Sometimes the one you want is the one you least suspect... Accountant Samantha Ennis craves order and structure. As the bookkeeper at the boutique advertising agency she owns with her three best friends, ita€™s her job to apply logic to the chaos. When one of those best friends, laid back Hunter Blair, moves in to share her loft apartment, Sama€™s carefully organized world is thrown wildly askew. Hunter Blaira€™s been the coolest one in the room since elementary school. Until recently, her biggest worry in the world was which of the girls in her cell phone to call on a Saturday night. But ita€™s not long before Samantha sparks a fire in Hunter that has her questioning her old habits and longing for new ones. Isna€™t it a bad idea to fall for one of your best friends? Samantha and Hunter are about to find out.She ran her palm across the stickers on her MacBook and, with a quick motion, had it opened and primed for her first project: a tweaking of the halfpage ad shea#39;d designed for Fostera#39;s extra crunch peanut butter. The rep had asked for a moreanbsp;...

Title:Just Three Words
Author:Melissa Brayden
Publisher:Bold Strokes Books Inc - 2015-04-20


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