Junkyard Blues

Junkyard Blues

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In Cameroon life isn't only like living in limbo, it is like living in the very centre of a hellish junkyard where dreams are dumped and wishes shattered at will by forces which can barely be controlled or understood. It is in this junkyard of dreams that Jude Maimo finds himself after years of studies and obtaining a university degree that could not even procure him a decent job. Reluctantly living under his brother's care after having failed grossly in an attempt to be independent, and doing a job that is more than an insult to him, he still hopes to one day live his simple dream; furthering his education long enough to have a respectable and decent job that could make him truly independent. Entangled in a relationship he can barely understand and weighed down by the daily temptations of natural life, a long lost friend from back in his school days suddenly appears as a light to lead him to the end of the tunnel. But a little too late, he discovers that the promised light of salvation is just another face of darkness, a darkness that wants more than his soul, a darkness that can only lead to tragedy....A lottery ticket winning story perhaps, or Eric finding some hidden diamond or gold. Not some simple story about doing business and getting ... Luck had played a part, a big part. In fact it was a miracle, a miracle that had propelled a lowlife intoanbsp;...

Title:Junkyard Blues
Author:Al Moye
Publisher:African Books Collective - 2013-06-01


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