Joyce and the Science of Rhythm

Joyce and the Science of Rhythm

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This book situates Joyce's critical writings within the context of an emerging discourse on the psychology of rhythm, suggesting that A Portrait of the Artist dramatizes the experience of rhythm as the subject matter of the modernist novel. Including comparative analyses of the lyrical prose of Virginia Woolf and the 'cadences' of the Imagists, Martin outlines a new concept of the 'modern period' that describes the interaction between poetry and prose in the literature of the early twentieth century.Considering that Joyce read other a€œManuals of Catholic Philosophya€ from the a€œ Stoneyhurst Seriesa€a€”most notably, Rickabya#39;s General Metaphysics ... In the first draft of A Portrait of the Artist, written in 1904, Joyce equates the concept of rhythm with the form of an Aristotelian sub- stance, ... relation of their partsa€ (PSW, 211).

Title:Joyce and the Science of Rhythm
Author:William Martin
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2012-10-15


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