Journey to a Waterfall A Biologist in Africa

Journey to a Waterfall A Biologist in Africa

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From the age of ten, the author was determined to be involved with African wildlife. This memoir recounts how he was able to fulfil this dream, travelling through Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Egypt, as well as the Yemen, which biologically is almost Africa. He tells of being captured by Eritrean guerillas, seeing Gelada baboons in the Ethiopian highlands and the huge migrations of zebra and wildebeest in the Serengeti, doing research on termites in Darfur as well as assessing agricultural problems in the highest fastnesses of the Yemeni mountains, gazing in awe at the Pyramids of Giza and marvelling at the Victoria Falls in full, with no clue of the single essay subject about which we would be asked to write for the next three hours. ... for the very first time a€“ I had come close to failing my English O-level exam two years previously a€“ I realised I could write articulate and fairly compelling English. ... Environmental pollution was at the time often in the headlines and it appeared inevitably in one form or other in exams of the era.

Title:Journey to a Waterfall A Biologist in Africa
Author:Robert Cowie - 2014-02


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