Journey Into My Soul

Journey Into My Soul

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Esteban Garciaa€™s writings have been viewed controversial by professionals in the legal profession for many years, even before the 2006 publication of, a€œTHE UNITED STATES JAILHOUSE LAWYERa€™S MANUAL.a€ Between 1983-2004, Esteban single-handedly overturned 118 criminal convictions belonging to other prisoners via post conviction habeas corpus appeals. Educated as high as the six grade, he holds no law degree, no diploma of any sort, not even a certificate which gives him any recognition whatsoever; yet he managed to accomplish in twenty years what most attorneys never accomplish in a lifetime. a€œJOURNEY INTO MY SOULa€ is the true story of how one man faced incredible odds against a corrupted legal system and overcame them through his faith in God.The following Friday, Perm and I spent most of the day cutting open the gas tank on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee that Manual had someone rent for him in McAllen, Texas. That particular model comes standard with a plastic gas tank. The procedureanbsp;...

Title:Journey Into My Soul
Author:Esteban Rogelio Garcia
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-01-22


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