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a€˜Beauty is only skin deep, ita€™s whata€™s inside a person that counts, a€™ very nice sentiments, but does anyone actually believe these little pearls of wisdom? Joss Hinchcliff was at a disadvantage from the moment he was born. You could not disguise the fact that he was a very ugly child, but he did not deserve the treatment that was dished out to him. From birth, Joss had been a figure of fun; his friends teased him mercilessly and made unkind remarks about his affliction. For years he had endured this bad behaviour because he was lonely and wanted to be part of the community, but they were only his friends because of what they could get from him. Then one day he found an abandoned vintage car which he re-built. As he was to discover, this was no ordinary car. Whilst out on a road test one day, it whisked him away to a mysterious place which would change his life forever. Book reviews online: PublishedBestsellers website.He followed the same method of renovation as his father had done, which was to strip the car down to the bare chassis and ... components laid neatly out and the smaller parts boxed and labelled, the laborious job of meticulously cleaning each part was about to get under way. One of the last items to be removed was the once beautifully polished mahogany dashboard, which he reckoned wouldna#39;t takeanbsp;...

Author:Fred Maddox
Publisher:Pneuma Springs Publishing - 2011-11-24


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