Job Winning Answers to 105 Trickiest Interview Questions

Job Winning Answers to 105 Trickiest Interview Questions

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qWhat are your weaknesses?q is the most commonly asked interview question but what's common does not necessarily mean to be simple. Neither can you tell your weakness nor can you say that you suffer with none. So what to say when nothing seems correct and certainly you can't leave it unanswered. This book brings together all such questions, which are specifically made to trick a candidate into a rejection, yes, a rejection. Interview is a process of elimination or rejection and not selection. An interviewer keeps rejecting until he reaches the best candidate available. But how does he do that? The answer is simple i.e. through a series of organized questions which are created after psychological and real life research and experience and trust me; no matter how good you are, if you are not prepared for each of these questions before meeting your recruiter, 95% chances are you won't be able to make it. In order to make it to your dream job, one must not only know what to say but more importantly, must also know what not to say. This book equips you with the technique to handle such questions with ease and show your recruiter that you are prepared for any challenge whatsoever. Every question is explained according to the expectation of recruiter, and the message a recruiter perceives from the wrong or improper answers along with sample answer from real life interview scenarios.One thing you must have learned by now, that whatever the question is, always make an answer related to work. ... likea#39; a€œchoosing a gift for my girlfriend is always a tough decision to makea€ certainly earns you a top spot on the rejection list.

Title:Job Winning Answers to 105 Trickiest Interview Questions
Author:Vaibhav Gupta
Publisher:Booktango - 2013-09-13


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