Jazz guitar harmony

Jazz guitar harmony

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This comprehensive study of harmony is a must for any guitarist interested in jazz. This book explains the essentials of jazz harmony in a friendly, easy-to-understand manner. Learn about chord scales, abbreviated voicings, extended harmonies, altered chords, substitutions and analyzing chord progressions. Other topics include ii-V-I progressions, the dominant cycle, qrhythm changes, q clusters, quartal harmonies, working with upper structures and much more. Finally, jazz harmony is demystified in one reliable and easy-to-read book.Other instructional products by Jody Fisher: 30-Day Guitar Workout Beginning Jazz Guitar (video) Chord and Scale Finder ... Complete Jazz Guitar Method: Beginning Jazz Guitar Intermediate Jazz Guitar Mastering Jazz Guitar: Chord/ Melodyanbsp;...

Title:Jazz guitar harmony
Author:Jody Fisher
Publisher:Alfred Music Publishing - 2002-01-01


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