JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook

JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook

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In today's Web 2.0 world, JavaScript and Dynamic HTML are at the center of the hot new approach to designing highly interactive pages on the client side. With this environment in mind, the new edition of this book offers bite-sized solutions to very specific scripting problems that web developers commonly face. Each recipe includes a focused piece of code that you can insert right into your application. Why is JavaScript a DHTML Cookbook so popular? After reading thousands of forum threads over the years, author and scripting pioneer Danny Goodman has compiled a list of problems that frequently vex scripters of various experience levels. For every problem he addresses, Goodman not only offers code, but a discussion of how and why the solution works. Recipes range from simple tasks, such as manipulating strings and validating dates in JavaScript, to entire libraries that demonstrate complex tasks, such as cross-browser positioning of HTML elements, sorting tables, and implementing Ajax features on the client. Ideal for novices as well as experienced scripters, this book contains more than 150 recipes for: Working with interactive forms and style sheets Presenting user-friendly page navigation Creating dynamic content via Document Object Model scripting Producing visual effects for stationary content Positioning HTML elements Working with XML data in the browser Recipes in this Cookbook are compatible with the latest W3C standards and browsers, including Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2, Safari, and Opera 9. Several new recipes provide client-side Ajax solutions, and many recipes from the previous edition have been revised to help you build extensible user interfaces for Web 2.0 applications. If you want to write your own scripts and understand how they work, rather than rely on a commercial web development framework, the JavaScript a DHTML Cookbook is a must.Although the window object has gained a large number of properties and methods over the years, the implementation across ... Ita#39;s unfortunate that unscrupulous web sites have abused the privilege of opening one or more additional windows automatically with JavaScript. ... drops us into a€œpop-up hell, a€ where each window you close opens one or more additional windows of equally unwanted content.

Title:JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook
Author:Danny Goodman
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2008-12-17


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