Jamie's Gamble

Jamie's Gamble

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Not everyone who gambles wins. Jamie Thompson's never been good at taking chances. But young, beautiful and from a wealthy family she's had little reason to. She has it all. Everything but what she values mosta€”her freedom. So she sucks it up and flees her CEO father's domination to a Texas border town where a friend has set up an accounting job for her. The job falls through but Jamie manages to find work at a bar and grill. But that's not all she finds. There's been a string of brutal rapes and murders that have gone uninvestigated by the local sheriff. Ricky Benson is living the party life in Langston, Texas. His dream of pitching in the big leagues shattered by an injury, he's killing his disappointment with booze and blondes. Life seems to have passed him by. One more drink and one more one-night stand is about all he can hope for. Then he meets Jamie Thompson. Jamie and Ricky fall hard for each othera€”but fate falls even harder. A fellow waitress is murdered and Jamie's afraid she may be next. Then the sheriff's son is killed, Ricky is accused of the crime and evidence mounts that he's guilty. Jamie can make one call and her father will send the company jet for hera€”or she can gamble one more time and risk it all for the man she loves.But then her throat constricted. The a#39;check enginea#39; light was back on. She waited till ... She couldna#39;t drive with the light on. ... But, a young single female from out of state, she figured shea#39;d be a prime target to get ripped off too. ... The a#39;check enginea#39; light keeps coming on in my car. ... He waited for the ratatattat of an air lug wrench to stop, then said, a€œWhy would you want to go there? ... a€œWhat do you mean?

Title:Jamie's Gamble
Author:Gregg Bell
Publisher:Thriveco, Inc. - 2013-11-12


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