Jaane Bhee Do Yaaro

Jaane Bhee Do Yaaro

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In the 1980s, an unheralded Hindi movie, made on abudget of less than Rs 7 lakh, went from a quiet showingat the box office to developing a reputation as Indiaa€™sdefinitive black comedy.Some of the countrya€™s finest theatre and film talentsa€“ all at key stages of their careers a€“ participated in itscreation, but the journey was anything but smooth.Among other things, it involved bumping off disco killersand talking gorillas, finding air-conditioned rooms fordead rats, persuading a respected actor to stop sulkingand eat his meals, and resisting the temptation tointroduce logic into a madcap script. In the end, itwas worth it.Kundan Shaha€™s Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro is now a byword forthe sort of absurdist, satirical humour that Hindi cinemajust hasna€™t seen enough of. This is the story of how itcame to be despite incredible odds a€“ and what it mighthave been. Jai Arjun Singha€™s take on the making of the filmand its cult following is as entertaining as the film itself.Obviously, one had to read the textbooks to know the material, but I didna#39;t care to write my answers in the same, dull language. ... could be forged out of slapstick and black comedy, Kundan Shah wasa€” without even realizing ita€”learning something about the ... the actions of characters such as Raskolnikov or Kirilov with zest and intelligence, but being asked questions like a#39;Why is Dostoevsky a ... she asks him casually, not a commonplace topic of conversation in a 19505a#39; Hindi movie.

Title:Jaane Bhee Do Yaaro
Author:Jai Arjun Singh
Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers - 2012-07-12


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