It's Your Money

It's Your Money

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Credit has virtually replaced cash in the American economy. Everything from home to clothing is acquired through some form of credit. The vast credit network affects everyone's income, purchasing power---and personal reputation. Do you, as a consumer, know how to use this credit to your advantage? In qIt's Your Money, q Adam Starchild tells you how you can make credit a tool, not a threat, and avoid the pitfalls into which so many fall. In qIt's Your Money, q he shares his expertise, in everyday language, to show you how to get the best credit buy for your money. You will learn: * What you should know when shopping for a loan.* The advantages ---and disadvantages--- of credit cards.* How the qTruth in Lendingq Act affects you.* What your rights are regarding your credit file.* How to learn what information is in your investigative file.* How you can be protected from incorrect billing.* How to decide whether to lease or buy.* How to apply for credit.* What government agencies will help you with a consumer credit problem. Credit---not a qfree giftq that generous institutions hand out, but a commodity that you buy. This book will help you make the wisest directly or indirectly affiliated with the merchant from whom you bought the merchandise, some of the restrictions of the Fair Credit Billing Act that apply to you are removed if you become involved in a civil suit with the credit card company.

Title:It's Your Money
Author:Adam Starchild
Publisher:The Minerva Group, Inc. - 2001-02-01


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