It's the Thermostat, Stupid!

It's the Thermostat, Stupid!

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Monitoring the temperature of the thermostat on a heating and cooling system can help put residential and small business customers in charge of their energy consumption. Author Joel Gilbert, an expert on energy efficiency and productivity, provides a new paradigm that allows electric and utility professionals to boost customer engagement. His advice allows you to help clients modify their usage, save money, and see immediate results. While the meter plays an important role, it's merely the scorecard in the energy game; everyone knows that the real action is on the playing field. You can build a better relationship with customers by encouraging them to watch the thermostat rather than the meter. Helping homeowners learn how thermostats operate is a simple concept that can revolutionize the way customers think about heating, cooling and even water heating. Transform the way consumers view and manage these costs with It's the Thermostat, Stupid.While the diagram seems simple, the actual saw-tooth pattern for each HVAC system in a home is much like an EKG. It may appear simple, but it contains a wealth of a€œhome healtha€ information that can be extracted and reported to homeownersanbsp;...

Title:It's the Thermostat, Stupid!
Author:Joel Gilbert, P.E.
Publisher:LULU - 2013-11-01


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