It's One of Them!

It's One of Them!

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Grace Saunders and her brother Ben were both born with the genetic disorder spinal muscular atrophy type 2/3, SMA. From her happy childhood growing up in Hertfordshire, enduring painful operations, to becoming a mom and a wife living an independent life in Coventry. Her extraordinary story of strength, not only coping with a severe physical disability, but being victim to domestic violence. Grace's story also involves drugs, murder, the police investigation that was Operation Ore and the death of her brother, aged thirty. This is a woman's struggle for a normal life, independence, and remarkably, having a healthy baby girl when she was told she would never be able to have children. She coped many years, being a single mother with the help of her family and personal care assistants. She writes about her education, care, and funny stories about the world of Internet dating. She tells her story with, honesty, humor, and heartfelt emotion, Grace shares the highs and lows she has faced and has come out the other side, although a little bruised, stronger than ever, and still smiling. Grace's attitude to the life she has been dealt with is, as she says, qIt's One of Them qLeaving a disabled woman on her own all night without her baby while you sleep with her bloke, class! My electric chair wouldna#39;t work and I had to use my manual wheelchair which I hated. ... I knocked over the shelf and managed to do it, how I did I have no idea, I must have some super SMA power from somewhere.

Title:It's One of Them!
Author:Grace Saunders
Publisher:Author House - 2014-12-10


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