It Can Happen

It Can Happen

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Craig McPherson lives a mundane life. He's a family man who owns an oil company, and he spends most of his days bored and dissatisfied. But fate has something else in mind. Seemingly without reason, Craig gets pulled into a tragic murder-suicide investigation. The murder-suicide has nothing to do with Craig and his company ... or does it ? Soon, he finds himself caught between two foreign oil cartels, both competing for his company and his expertise. Like a marionette controlled by unseen hands, Craig is yanked back and forth in a struggle for power. The cartels are fighting for ownership of the world's oil supplya€”a direct threat to the United Statesa€”and Craig is standing in their way. In order to survive, he must join the fight, risking his own life and the lives of his family. But Craig McPherson isn't a soldier or a terrorist. He's a regular guy, living a regular life, who must now use his intellect to save his family from certain death and the United States from unfriendly domination. He must conceive a plan to trap his adversaries and beat them at their own gamea€”using himself as bait. Suddenly, Craig's mundane life as a CEO and father doesn't seem so awful.Craiga#39;s eyes locked on the license plate. ... The driver of the Ford Explorer sped away and drove a few miles before pulling into a side street to park. ... Let me repeat those instructions: Sell the Explorer immediately, buy a new Toyota, get temporary licenses, proceed to Cheyenne and intercept McPherson there, a€ With noanbsp;...

Title:It Can Happen
Author:Betty McInnis
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-10


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