Is This Thing On?, revised edition

Is This Thing On?, revised edition

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Now updated and revised, the user-friendliest, most reassuring, jargon-free, smartest, and most comprehensive nuts-and-bolts guide for seniors, who are the fastest-growing demographic among social networks. Abby Stokes is the perfect guide to the digital domain: Shea€™s taught more than 140, 000 seniors how to use a computer. In an easy, authoritative, hand-holding way, she covers it all: how to choose, buy, and start using a computer. How to connect to the Internet, sign up for e-mail, and use search engines. Plus, how and why to get digital in the first place: the ins and outs of online shopping, banking, travel planning, dating, research; how to take and share digital photographs and videos; how to discover online communities, and use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; the world of apps, online music, and streaming movies; and, importantly, online security and a€œnetiquette.a€ Therea€™s information on iPads, smartphonesa€”including the Blackberry, iPhone, and Androida€”and e-readers like Nook and Kindle. A companion websitea€”www.abbyandme.coma€”plus a Facebook page and Twitter feed provide easy and safe access to this brave new world.When you feel like your head is swimming in unfamiliar terms, ita#39;s time to step back and take a break. ... Therea#39;s so much out there, and one site can lead to the next, but now and again you should sign off and do something else for a while. ... I set my kitchen timer for 40 minutes to make me aware of how long I have been online. ... Therea#39;s a shortcut on your browser that allows you to return quickly to your Home Page without having to go to your Favorites or type in the website address.

Title:Is This Thing On?, revised edition
Author:Abby Stokes
Publisher:Workman Publishing - 2012-01-03


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