Ironmaster & Other Tales

Ironmaster & Other Tales

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From the author of qThe Paradox Warq trilogy, a new mosaic novel set in a world of Dark Faery tale, magic, and Steampunk mad science. In 1560, Queen Elizabeth I finally sued for peace with the Faeries that plagued her lands. The new Covenant granted noble titles to those with magic and magic to those with titles. Now it's the 1980s, and after centuries of mage rule, including a recent 30 years of total war in Europa followed by 20 years of uneasy peace, the world is ready to embrace change. Over 30 tales of Airship Pirates, Flying Monsters, Alchemical Adventurers, Rocket Ninjas, Chthonic Horrors, Mad Scientists, Occult Detectives, Dog-Headed Cops, Folk-Magicians, Seelie and Unseelie Faeries, Infernal Conspiracies, Sorceress-Queens, and Punk-Rocker Spies, build into the story of a revolution, and a Civil War that will change the destiny of a whole universe.He arrived back at his caravan and took the cage and a brush down to the stream . ... He oiled the cage and bent straight a few of the wires with his pliers before he hung the birdcage up from the ceiling of the caravan, and then made himself up some ... They crossed the river at the Bildwash bridge, in sight of the old abbey.

Title:Ironmaster & Other Tales
Author:CJ Moseley - 2015-06-25


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