Investment Guide 2015 to Indonesia Stock Market

Investment Guide 2015 to Indonesia Stock Market

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This book provides you how to read a financial report of listed company in Indonesia STOCK MARKET. This book starts with macro economy evaluation in Indonesia during 2013 and before and also determinant factors to movement of STOCKmarket. It also supplies information concerning supply and demand of related major commodities that generate significant movement in the stock market. This book provides some key parameters should be noticed and how to interpret and understand those in relation with soundness of a company. Key parameters of stock valuation for a listed company is comprehensively evaluated. A true value or intrinsic value is an appraisal value of a listed company based on each share issued and listed in the stock market. Readers will find the intellectual property rights certificate of the author on stock valuation calculator brand. The formula is being extracted from Benjamin Grahama€™s book a€œSecurity Analysisa€ and a€œThe Warren Buffet waya€ by Robert Hagstrom. This book gives examples calculation of intrinsic value of selected listed companies and displays in historical charts compares with the closing price. Intrinsic value taken from stock valuation calculator formula produces high and low value that can be used as trading reference concerning risk and potential of a stock. This book also supported by charts and tables related to information of stock valuation. Author also presents difference between other type analysis like technical and other fundamental methods in detail also set of common questions and answers related to method and effectiveness of STOCK valuation formula being used in this book.Vietnam in contrary improving from 10% yield early 2013 and now around 9% yield, India started 8% early 2013 and now ... reduce debt and increase foreign reserve in order to reduce inflation, interest rate and strengthening exchange rate , so the end ... and give more comfort to foreign companies to invest like tax holiday, regulation to union to avoid unnecessary unrest. ... Asia region also shows the same result at least for some countries. economic, social and political condition. 16.

Title:Investment Guide 2015 to Indonesia Stock Market
Author:Buddy Setianto
Publisher:BSK Capital - 2015-03-10


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