Introduction to Digital Electronics

Introduction to Digital Electronics

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The perfect introduction to digital concepts, applications, and design, Digital Design with CPLD Applications uses a logical organization of topics, clear explanations, and current examples to present key information in a way that is easy to grasp. Unique in its approach, this book covers combinational and sequential logic circuits using CPLDs while still covering circuit design at the gate level using TTL/CMOS devices. The book begins by introducing combinational logic, including detailed explanations for implementing circuits in Altera Quartus II software and CPLDs. The material continues to be presented at the gate level, preparing readers to successfully navigate more complicated areas like functional circuits. Using formal problem-solving concepts, combinational design is then covered, which includes a large combinational design that includes the building and simulation of each component, marking a valuable departure from traditional books in the field which do not cover large-scale design at a combinational level. Additional coverage includes sequential circuits with an emphasis on relevant and useful circuits, and microprocessor and memory concepts.Data Book A bound collection of datasheets. A digital logic data book usually contains datasheets for a specific logic family or families. Portable Document Format (PDF) A format for storing published documents in compressed form. Very Large ... This system is often referred to as 74series or 7400-series logic. In the past itanbsp;...

Title:Introduction to Digital Electronics
Author:Kenneth J. Reid, Robert K. Dueck
Publisher:Delmar Pub - 2007-09-01


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