Interview Skills

Interview Skills

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This book is adapted from a UK training course. It will help you prepare for recruitment interviews. With many candidates receiving training for interviews, those candidates failing to educate themselves can be at a real disadvantage. This book will teach you how to create a great first impression and how to answer interview questions effectively. The book is different to other books that list 100 interview questions and answers for you to memorise, instead it highlights the common underlying themes. This makes it far easier for you to recall and ensures that you are able to work out your own answer to any interview question. Interviewers prefer real-life answers. If you provide them with a clichAc answer that they know candidates are trained to say, they can lose confidence that they are seeing the real you. This can act as an obstacle for the recruiter and can affect recruitment decisions. Far better to answer the question uniquely and build the interviewer's trust.The book content includes:- What to expect from assessment centres, group tasks/interviews, work sample tests and psychometric tests.- Understanding how interviewers score you against other candidates.- Creating a great first impression.- Portraying confidence even if you are feeling nervous.- Answering interview questions effectively.- Demonstrating your skills/knowledge/experience in an evidence based manner.- Showcasing attributes that recruiters value.- Providing the recruiter with confidence of your capabilities.- Avoiding a negative mind-set during the interview.- Anticipatory problem solving and hypothetical questions- Managing interviewer tricks such as leading questions and intentional pauses.- Overcoming employer reservations- Identifying which elements of the organisation to research and how to incorporate your research into the answers you provide.Louise Palmer is a Business Psychologist. Having worked in the psychology field for over 10 years, she has successfully counselled and trained individuals to create great first impressions, portray confidence, present effectively, avoid negative mind-sets and answer difficult questions. She specialises in training individuals to understand others' thinking patterns and biases. This provides interview candidates with a real insight into the interviewers' thought processes and how they can subsequently portray themselves in the best light.This book is adapted from a UK training course.

Title:Interview Skills
Author:Louise Palmer
Publisher: - 2015-03-24


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