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Contents: (1) Interrogation of Japanese POWs in WW2: U.S. Response to a Formidable Challenge. Military leaders, often working with civilian counterparts, created and implemented successful strategies, building on cultural and linguistic skills that substantially aided the war effort for the U.S. and its Allies. (2) Unveiling Charlie: U.S. InterrogatorsAi Creative Successes Against Insurgents. Highlights the importance of a deep understanding of the language, psychol., and culture of adversaries and potential allies in other countries. (3) The Accidental Interrogator: A Case Study and Review of U.S. Army Special Forces Interrogations in Iraq. Offers recommendations that are likely to increase the effectiveness of U.S. interrogation practices in the field. Illus.Everyone agrees that this would be the perfect time to have a school-trained, Army- approved interrogator. ... a€œtorturea€ to interrogate the prisoners.372 Unable to cite any additional policy or legal convention, the commander decides he cannot a€œrendera€ ... 373 U.S. Army Field Manual (FM) 2-22.3, Human Intelligence Collection Operations (Washington, DC: Department of the Army, September 2006), 5-15.

Author:James A. Stone
Publisher:DIANE Publishing - 2010-10


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