International Handbook of Personal Construct Psychology

International Handbook of Personal Construct Psychology

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Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) was devised by George Kelly in 1955 as a new method in psychotherapy. Since then, his techniques have been applied widely throughout psychology and beyond, to include areas as diverse as nursing, conflict resolution, sociology and literary criticism. This handbook brings together, for the first time, a wide range of theories, research and practice that have grown out of Kelly's original concept. It provides a reference on what has been done and insights into how further applications can be made within psychology and psychotherapy, and also informs non-psychologists and those unfamiliar with Kelly's techniques of its usefulness and applicability in other disciplines. * This is the only comprehensive reference on PCP available * Kelly's work is seminal and widely known * Emphasises practical application to a wide-range of disciplines... Sociality . . . corporate value clarification 367a€“75 corporation codes 371a€“4 correlates 205a€“6 correspondence ... 459 cross-culture construing 153a€“62 race awareness 435a€“8 Scheer, J.W. 153a€“62 social relations 144a€“5 super-patterns 341 Cummins, P. 83a€“91, ... 456a€“7 human meaning 260a€“1 Kelly, G.A. 234 learning 319a€“26 research method 330a€“1 dialectical laddering 117 Diamond, C.P.T. 494 INDEX.

Title:International Handbook of Personal Construct Psychology
Author:Fay Fransella
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2003-09-12


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