Interacting Binaries

Interacting Binaries

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This conference examines the progress in the field of interacting binaries discussing a number of relevant astrophysical problems regarding the interaction between stars in binary systems, such as the physics of neutron stars and black holes that accrete matter from their companion stars and the study of the end points of stellar evolution, like supernovae and gamma-ray bursts. This proceedings provides an updated overview of both observations and theory. Topics include: compact binaries in globular clusters, millisecond binary pulsars, supernovae from massive binary systems and GRBs, accretion on black holes and microquasars, accretion on white dwarfs and novae, rapid variability and secular evolution of LMX-Ray binaries, supernovae type Ia, as well as secular evolution of high-mass x-ray binaries.Here we select fifty-five observations for a total monitoring duration of more than 600 hr and a total net exposure of the source of about 200 hr. COLOUR- COLOUR AND ... [3.5-5 4/2.0-3.5] FIGURE 1. Crab colour-colour diagram over six yearsanbsp;...

Title:Interacting Binaries
Author:Luciano Burderi
Publisher:Amer Inst of Physics - 2005-01-01


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