Instructor’s Manual for Essentials of Food Science

Instructor’s Manual for Essentials of Food Science

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Carbonyl group Caramelization Cross-planar bond Dextrans Dextrins Disaccharides Furanose Glycosidic bond Hydroxyl group Invert Sugar Ketose Sugar Maillard reaction Monosaccharide Oligosaccharide Polysaccharide Pyranose Reducing sugar Reference carbon atom Reference hydroxyl group Sugar alcohol Supersaturated solution Trisaccharide LECTURE OUTLINE l. INTRODUCTION 2. MONOSACCHARIDES * monosaccharides a€c Examples of monosaccharides: glucose * aldose sugar * reference carbon atom * reference hydroxyl group * pyranose * anomers * alpha anomer 10 CARBOHYDRATES IN THE FOOD GUIDE PYRAMID * beta anomer * anomeric hydroxyl group * anomeric carbon atom a€c Fructose * ketose sugars * furanose * carbonyl group 3. DISACCHARIDES * disaccharides a€c Glycosidic bonds * glycosidic bond a€c Examples of disaccharides: maltose and cellobiose * Cross-planar bonds a€c Sucrose * invert sugar 4. SOME PROPERTIES OF SUGARS a€c Sweetness a€c Formation of solutions and syrups * supersaturated solution a€c Body and mouthfeel a€c Fermentation a€c Preservatives a€c Reducing sugars * reducing sugars * Maillard reaction a€c Caramelization * caramelize a€c Sugar alcohols * sugar alcohols S. OLIGOSACCHARIDES * oligosaccharides * trisaccharides 6. POLYSACCHARIDES * polysaccharides CARBOHYDRATES IN FOOD - AN INTRODUCTION 11 a€c Dextrins and Dextrans * dextrins * dextrans a€c Starch a€c Pectins and other polysaccharides 7. CONCLUSION * this tenn is defined in the textbook chapter glossary CHAPTER 4 Starches in Food LEARNING OBJECTIVES The reader will be able to: 1. Identify sources of starch, including cereal grains, roots and tubers. 2. Describe the structure and composition of starch, including amylose and amylopectin .Bostwick consistometer * Brookfield viscometers * Instron Universal Testing Machine * Brabender Amylograph * Research and analytical labs: * Mass spectrophotometer * Gas chromatography * High-performance liquid chromatography 6.

Title:Instructor’s Manual for Essentials of Food Science
Author:Vickie Vaclavik, Elizabeth W. Christian
Publisher:Springer - 2013-04-17


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