Instant Slic3r

Instant Slic3r

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Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and clear explanations for the most important and useful tasks. Instant Slic3r follows a practical, recipe-based approach that will show you how to complete the various steps to turn 3D models into actual objects with a 3D printer.Instant Slic3r is for people new to 3D printing and its software, and also for people who are new to Slic3r. You will need to know the basics of 3D printing, and how to use your printer and the other software associated with it.... temperature G28 ; home all axes G1 Z5 F5000; lift nozzle M109 S200 ; wait for temperature to be reached G90 ; use absolute coordinates G92 E0; reset extrusion distance M82 ; use absolute distances for extrusion G1 F1800.000 E1. 00000anbsp;...

Title:Instant Slic3r
Author:David Michael Moore
Publisher:Packt Publishing Ltd - 2013-09-25


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