Inside the Giant Machine

Inside the Giant Machine

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Literacy Pledge: For every copy of this book sold in United States, Canada or Europe, we will donate a textbook to a child in need. Find out more about our pledge at www. Please also read Author's statement in the qAuthor's Biographyq section. Behind Amazon's quirky smile logo lurks a cold and calculating giant machine. Author Kalpanik S. reveals his own smile as he tells the somewhat quirky story of his complex, and often hilarious, relationship with Amazon. From the sophisticated wit in his portrayal of the courtship period in a€œHow To Get Hired By Amazon In Ten Daysa€, to the dark humor of the disillusionment period in a€œThe Cold, Calculating Machinea€, Kalpanik's story is more than just an insider's view of the giant machine known as It's a modern, universal story of the uneasy relationship between an individual and today's gargantuan corporations. In the end, it is also a story of redemption for creative and freethinking individuals that define America. Acclaim for the book ... not only does the author makes us feel the vitality of the Hi-Tech worlds of California a Seattle but his very emotional experiences as an immigrant, a father and a dislocated worker.I love his leaps of imagination, and the words which hook us in, make us think this is our story. For example, here is what it means to yearn for acceptance: qI looked at Seattle's glistening skyline on one side and its beautiful waterfront on the other and asked it the same questions I had asked San Francisco sixteen years ago: will it accept me? Or will its people treat me as someone different, not one of them?a€œ Overall, a hip, funny and yet very poignant story! .....John Lehman, author of qEverything is Changinga€ This edition of the book was revised in December 2011 to include author's perspective on the 2011 Amazon Warehouse scandal, where a detailed investigative report on worker treatment at a regional warehouse by a local newspaper caught national media attention. Confessions of a foreign born author I must confess that English is my third language, and even though this book has been edited by several professional native English editors, it is obviousa€”even to mea€” that this book is written by a Foreign-born author. Foreign-born or not, I believe I have a talent for storytelling, and I have converted a dull topica€”the transformation of Amazon from a retail website to a marketplacea€”into an interesting and lively story. This is more of a little book than a big one. Being a technologist, I tend to be concise in my writing. The printed version of this edition is about 220 pages. This may be too little for a few readers, too much for others, and hopefully, just right for the some. So, If you are looking for a 1, 000-page treatise on Amazon that can be used as an example of perfect grammar in the High school English grammar class, then this book may not be the right book for you. There are several other books on Amazon which are written in perfect English but are perfectly boring. A book about Amazon can be pretty dry, so I have tried to add some humor. In my attempt to make this book funny, a few facts may have been stretched. I quote this passage from 21 Dog Years: Doing Time @, written by Mike Daisey, a fellow Amazon alumnusa€“turned author: a€œSome facts were injured in the telling of this story. The truth, however, remains unharmed.a€ That applies to this book as well. To respect the privacy of the people involved in this story, their names have been changed a€” with one exception. Trust me, there really is a guy named Jeff Bezos who works at Amazon. All in all, I am proud of my work, Enjoy! [Signed] Kalpanik S. Note: Portions of this book have been previously published under titles qSeattle Adventuresq, qArtificial Imaginationq and qWelcome to the USAq.This is more of a little book than a big one. Being a technologist, I tend to be concise in my writing. The printed version of this edition is about 220 pages.

Title:Inside the Giant Machine
Author:Kalpanik S., Colin Zheng
Publisher:CreateSpace - 2011-11-01


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