Inside Early Music

Inside Early Music

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Preface and Acknowledgments. Introduction: An Atmosphere of Controversy. PART ONE: The Middle Ages, Plainchant, and Otherness. 1. A Different Sense of Time-Marcel Peres on plainchant. 2. You Can't Sing a Footnote--Susan Hellauer on performing medieval music. 3. Vox Feminea--Barbara Thornton on Hildegard von Bingen. 4. The Colonizing Ear--Christopher Page on medieval music. Postscript: The Middle Ages, Plainchant, and Otherness. PART TWO: The Renaissance, Oxbridge, and Italy. The Modern English Countenance. 5. There Is No Such Thing as a Norm--Paul Hillier on Renaissance sacred vocal music. 6. Other Kinds of Beauty--Peter Phillips on Palestrina and the Tallis Scholars. 7. Singing Like a Native--Alan Curtis, Rinaldo Alessandrini, and Anthony Rooley on Monteverdi; Afterword. 8. Emotional Logic--Andrew Lawrence-King on instrumental music and improvisation. PART THREE: The Baroque. 9. Consistent Inconsistencies--John Butt on Bach. 10. One Should Not Make a Rule--Gustav Leonhardt on Baroque keyboard music. 11. Aladdin's Lamp-- Anner Bylsma on the 'cello (and Vivaldi). 12. Beyond the Beautiful Pearl--Julianne Baird on the Italian and English styles. 13. You Can Never Be Right for All Time--Nicholas McGegan on Handel. 14. At Home with the Idiom--William Christie on the French Baroque. 15. Triple Counterpoint: --Jeffrey Thomas, Philippe Herreweghe, and John Butt on Singing Bach's Sacred Works. PART FOUR: Classic and Romantic. 16. Restoring Ingredients--Malcolm Bilson on the Fortepiano. 17. Speaking Mozart's Lingo--Robert Levin on Mozart and Improvisation. 18. Taking Music off the Pedestal--Roger Norrington on Beethoven. Postscript: Classical and Romantic Performance Practice in Beethoven. 19. Reviving Idiosyncrasies--John Eliot Gardiner on Berlioz and Brahms. 20. Reinventing Wheels--Joshua Rifkin on Interpretation and Rhetoric. EpiloPreface and Acknowledgments.

Title:Inside Early Music
Author:Bernard D. Sherman
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2003


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