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Baltimore preschool teacher Sirena Evans has a dark secret: she's insatiable. She is a succubus, cursed with a constant need to feed on the sexual energy of unsuspecting men. In order to stay satiated and sane, Sirena spends her nights picking up men at bars. Shea€™s lonely, afraid of being found out, and her reputation is always at stake... Then she meets Kayson Gentry, a sexy blond mechanic with Southern charm, at a bar. Sirena feels an intense urge to feed, more intense than shea€™s ever felt, and for the first time in so many years, butterflies. They share a passionate night, and for some reason Sirena is unable to steal any of his sexual energy. She is not sure why, but her guess is that ita€™s because she's falling for this man. But how could she ever explain to Kayson what she really is?... An emergency meeting is called by the local secret society of succubi. The elders warn that blood-thirsty hunters are in town, killers bent on making succubi extinct. Does Sirena's inability to feed from Kayson mean that he is a hunter himself? Both her fear of revealing what she is to Kayson and her fear of the hunters on her trail push her to starvation, but she can't go long without feeding. She's insatiable. She will have to feed, and face the consequences to both her new love and her own life.As promised, the blue BMW is up on the lift and Tim and Jeff are nowhere to be found. ... The car in question is an early 2000 M3, which is a damn fine automobile if you ask me. ... Unfortunately, the suburban soccer mom that owns it has no idea what a€œmaintenancea€ means, cause ita#39;s been at least eight months since the lastanbsp;...

Author:Mika-Rae Leone
Publisher:ReneeRomance Books - 2015-02-11


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