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Is the United States losing its creative edge and unrivaled position in producing and commercializing big ideas for over a century? These stories explore contemporary issues where innovation is a central theme and characters push the envelope. * A retired college professor in Savannah's Historic District is swept into a super-secret program designed to prevent autonomous machines from running amok. * Returning home, a disabled vet helps hold a young family together, energizes a floundering business, and refuses to succumb to living as a broken man doing odd jobs and cleaning up behind the able-bodied people he fought for. * Frustrated by escalating college costs and a lackluster job market, three students team up at a Homecoming party to develop and sell a radical military surveillance technology. * Bored and unchallenged, a single working mother risks raising the National Security Threat Level to escape her humdrum life and re-kindle the competitive spirit of her youth. * An idea from an incomplete item discarded during a garage sale could pay off big. * If Henry Ford and Thomas Edison had allied Ford and GE, built electric cars, and relocated from Detroit to a mega-site in the South that Ford was promoting after WWI, how would history have been written?They vaguely remembered some kind of oversize service rig with reels of wire and fiber optic cable on racks in the rear, parked along the edge of the paved lot. Soon after their hamburger plates arrived, a Chevy van backed into a vacant space near the room. Two men got out ... a€œOkay, your plans are back on schedule now.

Author:Everett Stephenson, Jr.
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-10-27


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