Innocent Bystander

Innocent Bystander

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Mark Baxter, the main character, an exa€“Navy Seal, DEA operative, retired, yet still young in his forties. His current status explained in the story. Mark, living at Lake Tahoe, Nevada, an avid hiker and outdoorsman with no job is on one of his mountain hikes/climbs in the Sierra Nevada Mountains when he witnesses the crash of an aircraft in his vicinity. He hurries to the site to discover the contents of the aircraft. The contents are three deceased individuals and a cache of cocaine and lots of cash. Mark weighs morality versus desire/need of what is before him. Desire and need wins out. From this point on, the story develops with several other characters. Lots of adventure, suspense, romance with his lover. Story takes place in Lake Tahoe, Latin America and the Orient. All of the places Mark in his career with the DEA and the Navy Seals is familiar. The FBI, the DEA, and of course, the local authorities get involved, especially a detective out of Lake Tahoe who becomes an important character and integral part of the story. It is a story of chase and escape. Colorful descriptions of places and situations with a surprise ending. The narrative is purely fictional. The characters wholly fictional. Any similarity to real and/or living persons is purely coincidental. I wrote this story over a period of several years. Write then put aside. Then get inspired and write. Repeated this scenario over and over. Then edited and put away in a desk drawer for many years. Met a very beautiful lady on one of my hikes who, after reading the story, persuaded me to publish the MS. Actually about ten other people have read the story, all of whom encouraged me to do something with the MS, but I just shined it on.I think its got a desk and a typewriter.a€ Ron didna#39;t respond to Sama#39;s sarcastic ... One desk, one well used manual Royal typewriter, an ebony dial telephone and one armless cane back swivel chair. a€œWea#39;ll make do Ron, a€ Sam said looking at Ronanbsp;...

Title:Innocent Bystander
Author:Robert J. Christophè
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-09-10


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