Ingles Que Buen Acento

Ingles Que Buen Acento

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The system includes: * Two audio CDs with the voice of author Santiago Reynaga as well as four native speakers of English. * An explanation of every major sound in the English language. And many examples.* A comparison of the English sounds with the similar Spanish sound. How do English and Spanish pronunciation differ? Which English language sounds are a€œtrapsa€ for Spanish speakers? * Each chapter on sounds includes the a€œListen a Comparea€ section. Hear the difference on CD. Then repeat the English pronunciation. You said it. You did it. * Lessons on advanced aspects of pronunciation, including all the nuances that identify a native speaker of English. Know the difference between strong and weak forms. Master the contractions of everyday conversation. Talk like a native, sound like a native speaker of English! * A section on tongue-twisters and how to untangle them. Readings that target the specific sounds that can give you away as a Spanish first-language speaker and not a native speaker of English.* A handy glossary of a€œfalse friendsa€ (falsos amigos). Learn these and stop being a€œembarrasseda€ by your mistakes in English! And when we say a€œembarrassed, a€ we do not mean a€œembarazadoa€ (pregnant), but a€œavergonzado.a€An English Pronunciation Guide for Spanish Speakers Santiago Reynaga ... ( Tongue Twisters aamp; Reading Passages) El propA³sito de este capAstulo es proporcionar mAis prAictica de los fonemas ... Ia#39;ll call my friend Jim in California and hea#39;ll make a list of things for you to see in the city. ... Sam answered, a€œIa#39;m not happy at all!

Title:Ingles Que Buen Acento
Author:Santiago Reynaga
Publisher:Language Success Press - 2005


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