Infraction -- Getting Even

Infraction -- Getting Even

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Here are two serial killers, each wishing to settle a score. Meet Wilberforce Duggie Hansen, at odds with a mother who is a domineering drunk and has a bias against the gay friends her son wishes to bring home. She arranges never to have to confront the question again. There's Marty Syrzinski, a Navy Seal dropout with a temper, who goes on a murder spree just because he can. There are eight victims, with nothing unique about them except that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are also two bank robbers, freshly released from an Oregon prison, on their way to Reno. A zip gun, a poisonous snake, a firebombing, stolen dynamite, an explosion, and three funerals-all within two weeks. Share the Chief's second mystery. Visit him and his new love; banter with the city's gadfly, Doris Odland; listen to the City's Mayor McCheese; and watch the antics of the Reverend Amos Wilson as he puts on a Northwesterner's version of a New Orleans funeral.It says here that it was done with a 22 to the heart, but there arena#39;t enough powder burns for it to be a pistol. The Chiefis speculating that it was a zip gun.a€ a€œA zip gun?a€ a€œYeah, that wouldna#39;t be such a problem. You could put one into the shell ofanbsp;...

Title:Infraction -- Getting Even
Author:Ken Lord - 2006-08-01


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