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Anyone who's ever sat on airplane has looked at them at least once--the safety instructions pamphlets and glossy airline magazines provided for the passenger's edification and entertainment. Inflight Magazineputs a sinister and subversive twist on these banal booklets--formally presented as a magazine, it functions as an artistic manual for hijackers, equipped with such essentials as a safety instruction card and a sick bag. What could be played as a simple joke serves for Belgian artist Johan Grimonprez as an illumination of the value of the spectacular in our culture of catastrophe. Inflight Magazinedenounces the media pseudo-event, attempting to reveal the influence of pictures on our feelings, perception and memory. Viewers and readers are taken onto a jarring flight through their own experiences, memories and emotions, allowing them to create a space of critical distance from the spectacle of the media. The publication of Inflight Magazineaccompanies a traveling exhibition around the world, with stops in Ghent, New York, Copenhagen, Athens, Berlin, Oslo, Cambridge, and Brussels.HIJACK-O-RAMA O 1968: PALESTINIAN SKYJACK WAR HITS THE WORLD The 1967 Six-Day War leaves 700 000 ... O June 1985; TWA Flight 847 Beirut-Algiers: CREDIT IN THE REAL WORLD Airport personnel demand credit card fromanbsp;...

Author:Johan Grimonprez
Publisher:Hatje Cantz Pub - 2000


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