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Todd Slavinsky, a private detective in Augusta, GA, stays busy with an occasional case and missing persons as a means to an end. A friend in the local police department, Detective William Davies, enlists Todda€™s help in investigating a heinous murder scene in a downtown alley. During the course of the investigation Todd is involved with shady characters from a nefarious drug cartel and poor people from the gloomy side of town. Todd is becomes aware of a GBI agent that has infiltrated the organization he is investigating. Todd is in a relationship with Kelly Franklin, a beautiful young lady who needs a decent break. She encounters Todd during a dark episode in her life. As a battered woman trying to leave a bad relationship she finds herself frustrated in a dismal situation. Her attacker, Tom Kimble is arrested and carted off to jail for a minor crime and Todd and Will work together to bring normalcy to Kellya€™s life. Todd falls in love with Kelly and together they make a wonderful couple until Tom is paroled back into society. Toma€™s imminent release from a medical prison opens up new scars for Kelly. While continuing to investigate the murder case, Todd uncovers a drug organization and soon finds that many of the recent events are all intricately tied to his case and this organization. The organization is controlled by Raphial Meringa, a no-nonsense individual whose only quest is more money and no regard for anyone around him. The arms of the organization stretch from Pensacola, Florida to the outskirts of Atlanta. As the drug organization begins to crumble Raphial takes desperate measures to eliminate liabilities in his employ. When this plan becomes uncovered he fears that retribution is near and takes precautions to ensure his organization continues to survive. As the body count increases, Todd is tenacious and infamous in his quest to solve his cases and return into the arms of the woman he loves.The owner turned to me quickly, enough to startle me. ... They walked back into the gun shop and the owner opened a drawer ... The young boy led them to a row of pickup trucks and took them to a 2003 Ford F150 with 57, 683 miles on theanbsp;...

Author:Allen J. Genitski
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-06-15


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