Indian Mass Media and the Politics of Change

Indian Mass Media and the Politics of Change

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India has been the focus of international attention in the past few years. Rhetoric concerning its rapid economic growth and the burgeoning middle classes suggests that something new and significant is taking place. Something has changed, we are told: India is shining, the elephant is rising, and the 21st century will be Indian. What unites these powerful re-imaginings of the Indian nation is the notion of change and its many ramifications. Election campaigns, media commentators, scholars, activists and drawing room debates all cut their teeth around this complex notion. Who is it that benefits from this change? Do such re-imaginings of nationhood really reflect the complex social reality of large parts of the Indian population? The book starts with the premise that it is within the mass media where we can best understand how this change is imagined. From a kaleidoscope of perspectives the book interrogates this articulation and the myriad forms it takes a€“ across India's newsrooms, television sets, cinema halls, mobile phones and computer screens.In his essay, Vasudevan (1994)urges us to seeRojain the light ofissues around language and the Tamil film: [I]n theoriginal version ... of identity which are entirely suppressed inthe Hindi version[ Is] In labouring to transform the textofTamil identity intothat of an Indian one, ... relations, regional autonomy, secessionism) has poseda great challenge to the transcendental ideal of the secular Indian nation.

Title:Indian Mass Media and the Politics of Change
Author:Somnath Batabyal, Angad Chowdhry, Meenu Gaur, Matti Pohjonen
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-04-11


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