InDesign CS / CS2 Killer Tips

InDesign CS / CS2 Killer Tips

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If you've wondered how the InDesign pros get twice the work done in half the time, here's the answer: They know every inside tip, every hidden keyboard shortcut, and every little trick that gives them the edge. They know the fastest, smartest, and most efficient way to do just about everything. In short, they know all the qtricks of the trade.q And now, you can too. This book is packed cover-to-cover, wall-to-wall with nothing but those cool little inside tips that can make you faster, better, and have more fun using Adobe InDesign CS2. There are no detailed descriptions on working with hyphenation dictionaries, or long boring discussions on color workflow, it's just tips--short, sweet, and to the point. So why just tips? When we (you, me, etc.) look at books, if we see the word qTipq we're all immediately drawn to it. That's because we know we're about to learn something really cool. Maybe it's an undocumented keyboard shortcut, a hidden inside secret, or just a faster, better way to do something we do every day. The only problem with the tips in these books is there's never enough of 'em. That is, until now. We wanted to create a book that is nothing but these tips, hundreds of tips, but with the added bonus that each tip would have a full color graphic along with it, showing you exactly how it's done. Most importantly, to get in this book they've got to be qKiller Tips.q The kind of tip that makes you smile, nod, and then call all your friends and qtune them upq with your new status as InDesign guru. This book is your ticket to working faster and smarter in Adobe InDesign CS2 than you ever thought you could, and best of all, you'll have a blast doing it.Turn. the. Page: Working. with. Pages. This is a big chapter. And by bigI mean large. Do you see where Ia#39;m going with ... it right into the new page area (you knowa€”the area within the margins) and the page will be copied into that document.

Title:InDesign CS / CS2 Killer Tips
Author:Scott Kelby, Terry White
Publisher:New Riders - 2011-12-20


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