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Alfie invites you to understand the long-lasting impact that Childhood Trauma can have. He invites you to gain a first hand review of his life starting at his birth on June 5, 1955. His early experiences shaped the child, adolescent and adult that he would become. His story touches on all aspects of abuse, and attempts to share with the reader the efforts that he has made to overcome these experiences. Alfie believes that there are many others who have similar life experiences, and who struggle to come to terms with their impact. To them he offers his story as words of encouragement to continue to seek ways to find relief and closure to these life events. To parents who have an Alfie in their home, qplease be patient and caring at all times. It is difficult to watch your child, teen or adult-child struggle, yet it is your unconditional love that will facilitate the desire to change.q In the insightful words from Alfie's adopted mother to Alfie, qEverything is going to be alright.qEventually my feelings would be the cause of my death. I sat in the back seat of their Ford Falcon Station Wagon trembling like a little leaf. It was as if I was cold, shivering out in the ... Use them any time you can. In your home, in your work, withanbsp;...

Author:David Alfie Languedoc
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2015-06-03


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