In the Shadow of the Mountains

In the Shadow of the Mountains

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Move six hours away just before her junior year of high school? Trade a comfortable suburban home for log cabin living? Share a tiny bedroom with her impossible younger sister? Miss the chance to date the hottest guy in school? Give up a dream job with a local vet? Not if fifteen-year-old Dixie Morris has anything to say about it! Although money problems force her family to sell their home and start a new life in a tiny mountain cabin, Dixie determines that she will return to her private high school as soon as the summer is over. Arranging a place to stay, finding finances for tuition, learning to drive, and tackling life in the mountains are just a few of the obstacles she faces, but when Dixie makes up her mind, nothing can stand in her way. Or can it? As Dixie struggles with her problems, life brings her face to face with herself and with God. A poignant story of hopes, heartbreaks, growing up, and discovering what really matters in life. EXTRA: An Afterword with discussion questions presents a classical perspective on a€œthe problem of pain.a€Jerry switched radio stations again in the middle of a song. By this time, we were past the town of ... Jerry laughed, swerved around a corner, and pulled up close behind a brown Toyota Corolla. The little car was overloaded, with all kinds ofanbsp;...

Title:In the Shadow of the Mountains
Author:Anne C. Cernyar
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-11-01


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