In The Service Of God and Evil

In The Service Of God and Evil

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At the conclusion of the dinner, Chancellor Theobald Bethmann-Hollweg opened the congratulatory part of the program with a toast to His Imperial and Royal Majesty Wilhelm II Hohenzollern, by the Grace of God, German Emperor and King of Prussia. We, the assembled here, renew our faith in a man so various that he seems guided by the Grace and hand of God. Long live our Emperor!a€ a€œHoch! Hoch! Hoch!a€ exclaimed the guests, each one clinking his neighborsa€™ wine glass. a€œDue to the long list of tonighta€™s speakers, it has been agreed that each personage will limit their speeches to five minutes. At the end of the ceremonies, guests are welcome to view the many gifts presented to His Majesty in honor of his twenty-fifth anniversary.a€ a€œWith His Majestya€™s permission, I wish to present Herr Andrew Carnegie from America. Herr Carnegie, a Scottish-born American is an industrialist turned philanthropist. As is well known worldwide, he built Pittsburgha€™s Carnegie Steel Company. With his fortune made, the man of humble beginnings turned to philanthropy with special interests in education.a€ a€œWith unselfish thoughts, he founded the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. From his adopted Pennsylvania home, he endowed the Carnegie University and Carnegie museums. Over the years, his generosity led to the establishment of many libraries, schools, and universities in America.a€ a€œIn spite of his busy daily schedule, Andrew Carnegie found time to write several books, including the well received a€˜Gospel of Wealth, and dozens of magazine and newspaper articles.a€ a€˜It is with great pleasure that I offer the podium to Herr Andrew Carnegie.a€ a€œThank you, Chancellor Bethmann-Hollweg.a€ The Chancellor who stood a foot higher than the American bent forward to shake Carnegiea€™s hand which led to a titter among the audience. After spreading his notepaper on the lectern, the philanthropist turned to the Emperor. a€œThank you very much, Your Majesty, for inviting me here today.a€ Wilhelm nodded several times exposing a broad grin. Carnegiea€™s carefully trimmed white beard glowed under a dozen closely placed incandescent lights. The audience saw a kindly, old mana€™s face that looked more like a favorite uncle that a millionaire. a€œI bring greetings and congratulations to His Majesty from the great metropolis of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania populated by a half-million German descendents.a€ His voice revealed a hint of Scottish burr. a€œThe worlda€™s greatest steel producing center lies between the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers that join to create the great Ohio River that opened the West to adventurous Americans.a€ a€œAt the time Germany was unified in 1871, Pittsburgh was a village of 75, 000 inhabitants. Today, it is a thriving metropolis, the fifth largest city in the United States. It was steel that created work for thousands of families. Steel provided them with schools, hospitals, fine roads and tall buildings.a€ a€œAt the same time we learned that Berlin was on a parallel growth pattern. I believe that such growth is the result of peace throughout both lands. We can all agree that war is absent as economic growth brings full bellies and general happiness to the people.a€ The audience shouted, a€œHoch! Hoch! Hoch!a€ a€œI want to share with you a secret Ia€™ve kept for many years. I am not only an industrialist, I am a preacher.a€ The audience fell silent awaiting an explanation from the diminutive elder. a€œYes, dear friends I am a preacher, but a very special type. I preach peace. I preach the peace that our Lord Jesus Christ desired for all mankind. As I turn and face his Majesty Wilhelm II, I see a man who also preaches peace for the world.a€ a€œWhen I first met the Emperor a decade ago, he told me that Europe is too small to be divided into so many small states. He said that he had long considered a plan for a federation of Europe. I asked him what such a scheme would accomplish.I have the slightest side-interests, and day and night, I think of nothing but the Service. I have an immense knowledge of the files and ... a€œI have decided to reject all promotions and let others know it. I prefer the realities to the trappings of power, anbsp;...

Title:In The Service Of God and Evil
Author:Donald Britton Conrad
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-02-18


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